Have you used it?


I hope we enjoyed the Eid holidays, I enjoyed it even if everyday is like an holiday for me since I finished internship like I mentioned here . Anyone wana hook a sister with some side hustle yeah, hit me up.

Today’s post is me musing about something that happens frequently in the Community pharmacy experience.

Case note:

A patient/ customer (Mr A )walks up to me the pharmacist (Rx. Tee)

and we have this conversation…

Mr A: I have a slight cough

Rx. Tee: How long has this been sir?

Mr A: Since yesterday morning 

Rx Tee: Okay sir, have you taken any medication of any sort to ease the pain?

Mr A: Nothing, I just drink water after coughing.

Rx Tee: Okay great, Are you currently on any medication if any sort?

Mr A: Not at all

The conversation goes in this direction so I ascertain that he is not having a side effect to any medication he is already taking and to decipher if he has an medical condition we should be concerned about.

After adequate diagnosis, I prescribe a Cough syrup and this happens…

Mr A: Ermm Madam Pharmacist, are you sure this cough syrup will work?

*I pause

*I look at him with my signature not smiling face

*I sigh after blaming myself in my mind for getting off my chair to attend to someone that is doubting the five years I spent in College of Medicine cramming structures that I really cannot remember right now while wondering if this customer expects me to start explaining the mechanism of action of the active ingredient in the cough syrup.

*Not today Lord

Then I reply Mr A with the most adorable smile ever and say

Yes Sir, it will work.

Mr A: Ehen, have you used it?

Rx Tee : (In my mind) Really sir, like really. You expect me to have used this cough syrup because?? (pleases provide the answer in the comment section)

Then I go ahead and tell Mr A one of these :

  • Yes sir (Dear lord forgive me as 99.9% of the time, its the reverse) . Although this answer happens when I want to just shuu the customer away
  • No sir, but it is a very good cough syrup. I gave Mr k( referring to another customer) and it worked so fine….and I keep blabbing off
  • No sir but it contains….* i begin to explain the mechanism of action of the ingredients to the customer who doesn’t necessarily understand all the pharmacology involved but acts otherwise.

Mr A: Alright then, let me have it but I have marked your face…he then proceeds to search for my name tag. I will come back if it doesn’t work. Shebi you work here. 

He leaves the store after purchasing the Cough syrup.
I sigh.
Like really, what part of our job description as pharmacists exepect us to sample all medication to know if they are effective or not. Some customers will even ask you if it tastes nice and will insult you because you do not know the taste. 
P.S This blogpost is just for fun. Please don’t take it too serious. Still talk to your Healthcare practitioner as we are here to serve you regardless of the plenty years we spent studying the course😋🙃

13 Comments Add yours

  1. bloomnthots says:

    Story of my life! I was just telling someone this last week…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We basically live on this story😂. Thanks for your support bloom bloom

      Liked by 1 person

  2. itsysd says:

    First of all, my healthcare practitioner (such big grammar) is not nice. She knows herself
    Secondly this is funny.
    Lastly you should give him the third answer.


    1. Lol. Hopefully your healthcare professional is emphatic . Thanks for reading and commenting


  3. annieejiofor says:

    Haha. Nice one. But like seriously????? Those kinda patients *eyes rolling*


    1. Lool.. Aneetar😍😘 Thanks for stopping by dear


  4. Odunayo says:

    Lol, this really funny but true. I usually just tell them, it “should” work, with my most confidence voice. I tell them if it doesn’t work, they might need an antibiotic or something.


    1. I can imagine the most confidence voice, they dare not believe. Thanks dear for stopping by😘


  5. Nedoux says:

    Ah, this was so funny. I laughed so hard at “I have marked your face” XD

    When you have a Doubting Thomas for a customer.


    1. Nedoux, awwww your comment made me smile. Thank you for stopping by😘😘 ..and we are used to the doubting Thomas-es

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Kachee says:

    Loooool! Stopped by and when I saw this title, I knew this was what it was about. Don’t blame us, sometimes it’s just typical to ask. I’m sure i’ve asked a couple of times! This made me laugh.



    1. Awwww Kacheetee( I just pronounced your name in my Olu- maintain style just before he sang Yahoo oh oh, Yahooze) chai i hope you can relate😂😂. Thank you for stopping by and for subscribing! Ah, how will I sleep. The stakes are high, Kachi followed me.lol. So you are part of the ‘askers’ ah, I never expected it. Thanks again dear❤️😍


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