Happy Holiday Fellow blog readers!!! (oops holidays are over). I hope we enjoyed the holidays?

This post is actually long overdue and I apologise. I would try and be more consistent even if am still struggling with the wordpress app on my phone. *sigh. Anyway, today’s post is episode six of the internship experience I started here . I bring to you Chisom’s Internship Experience at National Agency For Food, Drug, Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

Chibaby is my darling friend from University (precisely 200 level) and she was one of my strong pillars back then *some girlsquad/girlpower stuffs*…story for another day.  I would pretend as if Chibaby hasn’t  been pestering me to upload her experience even if it meant uploading hers before the actual set time. But well, its high time.

Everyone in the Pharmacy profession knows how getting a placement in Nafdac is like one of the coolest place to work in, although getting in would definitely need not just legs but God’s favour as well. I actually wanted to work at Nafdac at one point *gives Chisom side eye but oh well, it didn’t happen.

Please enjoy Chisom’s experience…

Tell us about  yourself

My name is Chisom Obi a.k.a Obi C.T.  I studied Pharmacy in University of Lagos.I love watching movie and series, (huge Game of thrones fan) .I can just watch movies while eating noodles all day.

My favourite part of pharmacy school  had to be pharmacognosy steeple chase (la cram,la pour, la do not carry out any anthraquinone tests) and the tension when dubbing pharmacology  and other reports from one old codex which has everyone writing the same things whether right or wrong. Looking back now, that was fun,really.

How was the struggle to get a placement? 

Well as God had it, I was lucky not to struggle for placement as the Director General of NAFDAC at that time was so kindhearted that all you needed was to approach him  (either through your relations or by waiting all day in his office) with your letter. After which he would affix his signature, giving  you a slot in the agency for the one year program.
Yes, I  had connection which was later ruined, thanks to Mr ‘Change’. When I eventually got in,I was so delighted as I  was already tired of staying home doing nothing or rather  doing something being the housewife in my Father’s house.
 Enlighten us on the day to day activities you carried out. 
 Our typical day to day activities depend on the directorate you are working. For example if you are working in the laboratory directorate obviously you expect to be carrying out tests on different drugs to deduce the potency and establish if the drug claims are right.
In other directorates you would be taught how to vet product labels and documents for product registration or\ and renewal(  know am speaking gibberish now but am sure we have all heard of NAFDAC Reg No; people want to register their product with NAFDAC so the product can have a NAFDAC number. This Number expires after some years and will need to be renewed).
We also go for approval meetings to decide on which products should be approved to be given a NAFDAC number.
We go for inspections which may or may not come with money and yes sometimes not small money( I once got about N30 ooo for attending an inspection, some small change right?)
What were the benefits involved in terms of pay, accomodation,work hours etc.
Now the advantage of NAFDAC is that it is  not so serious like hospitals, industries, community pharmacies giving you ample time for yourself.  The work hours are so cool; Weekdays 9am to 4pm, (typical government job), no calls and no weekend work.
Depending on the directorate you are working in, you might be allowed to skip work or close early if you give  a good excuse.
 The major disadvantage is that they owe a WHOLE LOT…JEEEEZZZZZ!!!!! but they pay eventually. Its quite difficult to save when someone pays you like once in two months at least, but we move still.
How did the senior colleagues treat you?
There are a lot of  workers in NAFDAC  that pose as haters, beefing you because as an intern, you are earning more than them or slightly similar in terms of pay.
Some senior colleagues would look for your trouble especially those regulatory officers, others might recommend you and some go as far as  commending your efforts.
I would advice any one interning at NAFDAC to just behave and respect herself, no unnecessary famzing at all.
Would you love to go back and final advice to people that are interested in the place?
Yes, I would love to return back especially if my future husband is extremely rich *winks*.
My advice for people interested in interning at NAFDAC, get your hustle skills straight, especially in getting a placement and in networking after getting the placement. Network well as you can get connections from Companies that visit Nafdac a lot.
Describe your internship experience in one word?
AWESOME…..it really was!
 ( The koko master and I on one awesome NAFDAC day)

Thank you Chisom for allowing us read a glimpse of your experience even if I still feel she basically chilled all day. We wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.

Like really guys, how come I didn’t have these chilling opportunities and money-making experience like this.  This experience reminds me of  lamide’s experience and chidinma’s own , where they really enjoyed themselves also.  I guess its all good *no hard feelings*.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and got something from Chisom’s experience.


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