Back to School Healthlist!

Hello there! How have you been, I hope fine? Thank you for all the  love showered on the last posts,the likes,comments and social media love. Gracias!!!

Guess what?

The holidays are over. Students are back to school and parents are very excited.

I went visiting my colleague’s sister last Friday and she was really excited that her three year old daughter was resuming and couldn’t wait.  I can imagine the wahala (aka trouble) the young girl would have given mama during the holiday.

Anyway before I disgress, this post is not  about toddlers  but on your must have checklist when going back to school ; and of course we are talking health.

I was a boarding student back in secondary school ( All hail Federal Government Girls’ College Sagamu aka a Saggy geh) and even though I never really had any health checklist back then, I decided to prepare one for  you;yes you!

Hence lets dig in:

thatinternist-health checklist for back to school


  • First things first : Get your medical records or child medical records straight and submit to the School Authority. Any medical condition such as Asthma, Ulcer, Allergies present? Is he or she sickle cell anaemic (otherwise known as SS), epileptic or bipolar like Andre lyon of Empire tv series.

On gaining admission into a school, medical record forms are always issued out to be filled by a Medical officer and this shouldn’t be taken for granted. Imagine a case where a child is Asthmatic or even Allergic to some certain substances without alerting the right authority in school, this could lead to some disaster if not handled the right way.


  • Schedule the Medical and Dental Checkup : Some Children might require immunisation at a particular age, some might be battling with dental issues which can seriously affect their academics negatively.  Consider having vision tests if you notice cases of squinting,regular rubbing of the eyes or sitting too close to the television.

Throughout my secondary school, I was having vision disturbances and I kept forming I would manage. My struggle for middle seat front row in class was ever real alongside the headaches suffered when I got a back seat. Hence, a pair of glasses earlier would have prevented the pain instead of  regular doses of paracetamol.


  • Prepare yourself or the child for cases of emergency: What to do if the asthmatic patient suddenly gets an attack, if the allergies begin to kick in or how to stay calm when having an epileptic seizures? Answers to this questions should be known by the victim.

I once had a roommate having an asthmatic attack with no reliever inhaler around her as talked about here. Imagine how confused we all were, thanks to the good samaritans that carried her to the sick bay. Please you can check this if you have any history of asthma to know if your asthma is controlled


  • Any bully around? : It’s no news that bullying has the potential to hurt your child in every area of their life and can even lead to academic problems, substance abuse and even death. Create an amazing relationship with your child/parent so speaking up won’t be a problem.

I still have issues being friends even on social media with those seniors that frustrated my life back then in school. One commented on my Facebook page long ago asking how I was doing and I couldn’t understand where the friendship came from.  Another of my hostel mate that snitched on me twice in school, leading to serious battering of my life, sent me a mail and it took the grace of God for me to reply the mail;even though I really appreciated the effort. *Ermm please do I need help or am I taking it too far, biko let me know.

Do they have seperation anxiety? : You remember those children that cry on departure of their parents on resumption and on visiting day. Na them love pass oh! The only thing that made my heart weak was seeing that green fence just before arriving school, but after seeing my friends, #teambraveheart of the Care bears mehn!

In cases where anxiety on separation occurs frequently , try making ‘goodbyes’ short and quick. There is no sense in saying goodbye ten times and hugging every single time. Forge a great relationship with a teacher or guardian that can help you bought feel better.

  • Do not forget medications: Remember to get the properly labelled medication if any  was prescribed for the student. Include a multivitamin preferably with omega 3 to help the brain function better. Do not hesitate to consult your healthcare provider for any help needed. Also personal hygiene materials like sanitary towels, tampons, disinfectants etc. shouldn’t be overlooked.

And that is it! Do you think I left out anything or Is there a major health ritual that follows you back to school. What is that one thing you must resume back to school with? Please let me know in the comments section.
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