Hello amazing people, *dustcobwebsofftheblog*. I hope we have been doing great,as I have. So Sorry for going MIA on you guys. I was in between a lot of stuffs, from wedding preparations(not mine) to finishing my internship and misplacing my phone (where I mostly type blog posts on). But since my confidence is in God, who makes everything work out for my good, I am good.

Thanks for sticking around, commenting and liking the posts . I really appreciate you guys.  *handsyouguystrophy*. So, yeah am back and with a giveaway! Somebody screammm in Tye Tribett’s voice.


The amazing founder of Beautifully Crafted, who is also my friend contacted me to join in hosting the giveaway and I gladly accepted the offer. Beautifully crafted is a made in Nigeria company that makes hair oils and body butters with amazing locally made products. They currently have the Herbal oil Treatment oil and the Shea and Aloe Body Butter and are working on adding more products to their catalog.


Hence, Starting from yesterday 1st of September to the 10th of September, a bottle of the Hot oil hair treatment will be given to a lucky winner. The details for participation are;

  • Post a picture of your natural or relaxed hair (without added weaves) sharing any hair challenges that you are hoping to overcome.
  • Follow @thatinternist and @beautifully_crafted on instagram, tagging both accounts in your picture.
  • Get your friends to like the pictures as the most liked picture per day wins and is announced at the end of each day.
  • The prize- the herbal oil treatment will be shipped to the ten lucky winners, the day after the giveaway ends.



In case you are wondering the big deal about this Herbal Hot Oil Treatment, I got you.

  • The herbal oil is infused with a range of herbs including hemp seed oil  and ginseng which have regenerative powers in promoting hair growth.
  • It helps stop breakage and smoothens the hair
  • It helps to restore elasticity to your hair making your detangling process a lot easier (my natural hair sisters, you know you need this)
  • For best results, make sure you thoroughly massage your scalp and use a hair steamer for deeper penetration.

If these points are not enough for you to enter the giveaway then, you really do not love your hair.

Another reason to enter the giveaway is because the founder of Beautifully crafted is a licensed Medical doctor, she is more of my Natural hair doctor. Hence, you can be sure of the product you are using on your hair…#thatinternistcertified

N.B Giveaway is only for people living in Nigeria except someone in Nigeria can deliver to your place of residence. Let’s get tagging and winning.








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