9 (+ 1) Medical Themed Movies We Love

Hello and Happy April!

Do you know that there is a thing in Medicine called Cinema Therapy / Movie Therapy?  It is a form of treatment mainly supplementary that uses videos  to manage medical, mental health and life management.

For example, a cancer patient can watch a movie starring someone with the same condition and watch how the person overcomes it, hence restoring hope in the patient. Another person that just lost a loved one can watch a movie themed on such loss and recover faster. Remember those scenes in movies that show women with heartbreaks, watching movies and binging on icecream ? Yes, that is some sort of movie therapy.

Still on the issue of Movie therapy, I present to you ten medical themed movies that I love in no particular order. This movie has some aspect of medicine involved, either a person suffering from an health condition, some sort of medical cure or a medical practitioner that we fell in love with.


Ten Medical Themed Movie We Love

  1. The Vow: This movie illustrates ‘for better, for worse’  when an accident leaves your spouse with amnesia ,scarcely remembering you but rather harbouring feelings for her ex.


2. Age of Adeline : Ever wanted to know how it feels to never age as decades pass by, with your daughter looking like your grandma. This movie will expose you to the wonders of the real antiaging agent.

age of adaline

3. Forrest Gump : i absolutely love this movie. I remember joining my classmates in school to watch this movie, after initially thinking it was going to be boring but I was wrong. Forrest was born with a crooked spine and low I.Q but the guy attained wonders in his time on earth, including investing a huge amount in the Apple company.

forrest gump poster

4. Fault in our stars : Two cancer patients meet and fall in love for a brief moment which undeniably was the happiest moment of their lives. P.S Who else watched this movie and thought it was weird that lovers in one movie turned out to be siblings in another movie titled divergent?


5. World War Z : Here, Brad Pitt searches for the cause and cure of a mysterious infection that was succeeding in turning the whole human population into zombies.

world war z

6. Dry : This movie enlightened me to the suffering of young girls with Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) – a serious disability experienced by women after childbirth.  The movie trailer was released in response to the Child-marriage controversy that was going on in Nigeria.


7. Elysium : The setting of this movie was dated 2159, showing two classes of people- the rich and the poor. But what strikes me the most was how every disease and infirmity in ones body was erased by placing the victim on a medi-bed. Amazing technology  or maybe the future of medicine is  being revealed.


8. Gifted Hands:  This inspiring movie shows the growing up life of Ben Carson, the famous neurosurgeon- the first to separate successfully conjoined twins joined in the head .We love this movie because it inspired many health practitioners to be who they are today.

gifted hands

9. Me before you: I love, love, love this movie, majorly because of Louisa’s fashion style, even though my sister disliked her style. The movie also generated a lot of tension and backlash from the society, because of the way Sam decided to end his life after suffering an accident that left him paralysed and sad. Who else loved Louisa’s sense of style?

me before you

10. Lucy: I have not watched this movie yet, but the excessive stunts in the trailer got  me jerking on my seat and the various reviews I read left me uninterested. But, lets give Lucy a chance on this list. The movie, a fantasy illustrates the effect of a drug overdose that accelerates the function of the brain, turning a human into an extra super-human. lol. I actually feel like watching the moving right now.


There you have it, nine medical themed movie I love plus one we should give a chance. Is there anyone you have watched and loved or hated?

I think Grey’s Anatomy should be on this list, but I have never watched any episode of it. Can you imagine? Over to you, let me know your favourite medically inclined movie of all time.Please drop your comments below.

Thank you and wishing you an amazing second quarter of the year. I hope you squash all your goals.

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Picture credit: Google images


4 Comments Add yours

  1. annieejiofor says:

    Beautiful! And I love this new segment. (Is this a new segment?)

    I haven’t watched most of the movies on the list. Yeah, I’m that bad with movies, but I’ve seen the only one on the list you haven’t seen 😋😋😋😁. But I can’t help you with a review 😂☹. You pretty much said though! When we watched ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and ‘Divergent,’ I loved them both. Did you like them better as siblings or lovers?

    I’ll save the names of the movies and get around watching.

    Thanks for sharing, Tosin. ❤😘


    1. Is it a new segment, oh well..lets see. Ahan, you can’t review the movie. Why nah. Thanks darling for stopping by.❤️❤️


  2. Kemi fagbola says:

    Love this list but you should try grey’s anatomy though.


    1. Thank you Kemi, I totally should. Thanks for stopping by


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