Just Before Switching To Contact Lenses…

I remember my first set of contact lenses, grey, which I got alongside my first pair of glasses. God bless the Optician that introduced it to my Dad as I had been low key drooling at the chart guide that displayed the various shades of contact lenses in her office. I also did not want my new frames to spoil my shine as I just got admitted into the University .I wanted to shine bright as per fresher on campus.

That was eight years ago and the start of my love-hate relationship with contacts. From my experience with the different colours and varying prescriptions of contacts I have used, I believe I have gained some level of expertise and considered fit to write this post.

Lets get into it.

Contact lens (popularly known as Contacts) is a thin lens placed directly on the surface of the eye to correct defects of vision. They are naturally clear but often given some slight tinge of colour, making it easier for wearers to handle. There are also Cosmetic Contacts used for fashion purposes, but this post is for the purpose of the Medical Contacts.

Note that there are three types of contacts;

  • Daily Disposable Wear -these are disposed after each daily wear.
  • Frequent\Planned Replacement Wear – These are most common. They are cleaned, rinsed and disinfected each time it is removed from the eye and discarded after the recommended wearing period prescribed by the eye care professional.
  • Extended wear- These are the more recently developed contacts that can be left in the eye overnight for a period of time. There are the ones that can be left on for a maximum of seven days and some for about thirty days before discarding.

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of wearing contacts as compared to glasses but we will focus on the positives for this post which include:

  • Contact lenses do not fog up with change in temperature, neither do they require excessive wiping on rainy days as compared to prescription glasses.
  • There is no constant awareness of the weight of frames and the lens on your face
  • It gives more natural vision as your entire field of focus is in view especially while driving or during sporting activities.
  • It goes with everything you wear; imagine wearing a pink dress with an orange frame??
  • For the fashionable geek, contacts are the way forward. Nobody wants to wear glasses for that wedding after slaying in aso-ebi and investing in a makeup artist. #marketmustsell.
  • I struggle with rotating my sunshades with my prescription frames on sunny days. Hence, contacts make it easier to rock those amazing sunshades.

Despite the numerous advantages, some things should be noted before deciding to wear contacts.


  • Varying lens power: Some eye defects require different lens power (e.g the left eye has a lens power of -4 while the right eye has that of -5.5) or a combination of more than one conditions e.g myopia aka short-sightedness and astigmatism. In this case, extra care should be carried out after receiving the appropriate contacts from the optician. Ensure that the lens for the right eye must always be placed in the right eye and stored in the appropriate labelled container and vice versa.
  • Expiry date: Contact lenses have expiry dates as well as the solution used in storing and cleaning them. Hence, make it a point of duty to note the expiry date before you start using your new set of contacts. I recommend a lifespan of one year after first use of the daily wear contacts. Seek the advice of your Eye care professional for this.   I once got a set of contacts three months to its expiration date and I ended up having Apollo of which I shared my lessons here; it was probably a causative factor.
  • Hygiene required: Wearing Contacts require using your hands to insert the contacts into your eyes. You therefore need to wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly before use. Hence, a very high level of hygiene is expected.
  • Stock up on Contact lens Solution : As a result of the constant washing of your contacts and the changing of the solution required to store them, you will need to have a lot of the solution in store. These solutions can get scarce depending on where you purchase them, so be sure to grab some whenever you find them so you do not run out of stock.

P.S Never top up the solution in the storage container of your contacts, instead discard the initial solution, rinse the container and pour fresh solution into it.

  • No Dozing Off : This is the reason why I don’t wear my contacts every day as I’d have to predict my dozing game for the day. If it looks like a day of travelling long hours with possibility of sleep, I wouldn’t dare wearing my contacts. Most contacts are not safe to sleep with as they disrupt the flow of oxygen to reach the cornea increasing the risk of eye problems.
  • Stressful : Truth be told, wearing contacts can be a little bit stressful. You have to pray the contacts go into your eye at your first try as failure could lead to repeated trials which could cause temporary redness in the eye- that usually clears up after a short while.

    I recall one incident that happened few years back. I was trying to wear my contacts and alas, I couldn’t find the contacts in my eye nor on my hand. All my efforts in searching for the contacts were to no avail and my roommates had to join in this search which led to an impromptu room sanitation. Imagine the huge relief when I found the contacts under my upper eye lid some minutes later. Such emotional stress because of slayage!!

    There you have it,the various factors to consider before making the switch from glasses to Contact lenses.

    What do you think? Are Contacts worth the hype,stress and all. Would you rather rock contacts or stick with the prescription frames, please share your thoughts below.

    On a scale of  1 to 10, rate your love for contacts, mine would be 8.

    I hope you enjoyed the post, please share via the sharing links below.

    This is my first post this year so it is safe for me to scream Happy New Year guys!!! Here is praying we fulfil all that God has in store for us all. I chose to live 2017 intentionally especially in the areas of all the plans and goals I have planned out, including those for this blog. A big thank you to the amazing people that left comments while I went MIA and for the blog visits I had. You guys keep me going. It is safe to say that ThatInternist is back!

    Till next time..


    Edited by  Sister girl- Lawal Yeside @ajisefiinni


12 Comments Add yours

  1. I can never seem to stop blinking when I want to put contacts in, so I just gave up on them.

    Happy New Year dear.
    I actually laughed out loud while reading your post.


    1. I can relate, the struggle to slay. lol, I am glad you enjoyed the post. Have an amazing year ahead dear. xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kachee says:

    The struggle! I’m still so scared to try contacts. Phew. I gotta put my big girl pants on soon. But if I didn’t wear it for my wedding, not sure when I will…



    1. Wow, you didn’t wear contacts for your wedding? Oh my, I hope you were able to recognise most of your guests without squinting. Come to think of it, I hardly see pictures of you in your frames!
      Thank you for stopping by Mrs Magic


  3. Phoenix says:

    Hi Hi 1st time to comment here.

    I’ve had to wear medicated contact lens for about 4-5 years now. Honestly, it’s a huge relief from all this frames. 2 reasons why I will always prefer contacts to frames is frames make my eyeballs huge and strange plus the frames also leave huge lines by the side of my face, that place where it is worn. Also, the moment I take off the frame, my face looks strange. Frames has a way of distorting my beautiful face *wink*

    1 disadvantage of contacts for me in addition to yours, If I cry wiv my contacts on, am doomed till I take it off. My vision will be so blurry.

    Nice read. I enjoyed your post and i could totally relate.😉


    1. Hello Phoenix, thank you for taking out time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it. Yes, I can relate with the huge lines the frame leaves on your face. Ehn, I cant try crying with contacts on, the tears must disappear. the struggle is real.
      I am glad you enjoyed the post. Do stop by some other time. *kisses*


  4. Zinny says:

    I have been considering getting contact lenses for some time. Good write up! Thanks for sharing.



    1. The time is now! Go get it dear. Thank you darling ❤️❤️
      You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Bloomn says:

    I’ve honestly and secretly been wanting contact lenses but my opthamologist doesn’t advise I do Cz I get eye allergies too easy😞😞…I still think I’ll try it soon though 😁


    1. bloom bloom, do not go against your opthamologist. I am not there ooo. lol


      1. Bloomn says:

        Lol… I’m there! I’ll try and let you know how it goes


  6. Klaudio.Fejzaj says:

    Hey, great post and advice you got there.

    Sorry about your past Pink Eye problem you faced, hope the recovery was smooth; unfortunately pink eye happens a lot and it’s one of the reasons why people are much afraid of using contact lenses.

    Just a few days ago, I wrote this guide of 4000+ words, just to prepare contact lens users and educate them a bit more.

    Feel free to grab any info from there 🙂


    p.s. my love for CL on a scale 1-10, would be a 9. Sometimes, you need the sunglasses look 😉


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