Lessons From My Apollo Attack!

Hello there!

The blog post title says it all. I had Conjunctivitis aka Pink eye aka Apollo( Nigerian version) , I do not even know how it happened. oh no! I actually do.Let me take you back memory lane.

My  colleague captioned her picture on instagram with this sentence ‘Conjunctivitis is in town, wash your hands and take high strength vitamin c to boost your immune system’. Immediately,an alarm rang in my brain alerting me to start using all safety measures as my mum had the pink eye already , but I was like Nah,am good!

Then it hit me! I initially thought I was reacting to my contact lens as I have been wearing it more than the norm in the past two months. But when I saw the thick cream discharge around my tear duct,I knew it wasn’t an allergic reaction. I immediately removed my contact lenses, placed them into a dispensing nylon , even though I ended up throwing them away when I got home. I cant because of slayage, go blind or have to do eye surgery. No,thank you.

Fast forward to getting home and using Penicillin eye ointment that I bullied my Pharm. Moji to buy for me. The discharge kept making my eyes heavy and I managed to sleep, even though I woke up at intervals to wipe off the discharge and reapply the eye ointment.

The next morning wasn’t any better, the headaches and pricking eye pain were out of this world, accompanying the discharges. My mum shouted when she saw me (drama queen) and she started making calls to everyone informing them of the development-you can imagine. African mother problems!!

I later got Chloramphenicol eyedrop which I believed did the wonders, the discharge cleared almost immediately and the pains in my eye and head cleared in about 30minutes after dosing on 800mg ibuprofen.  I am much better right now and would be at my best tomorrow by God’s grace.

Apollo season
My besties in this period
So, here are the lessons I learnt and you can learn also from my Pink eye incidence:

  • Exercise extreme precautions in incidences of outbreaks: Remember I saw the breaking news earlier after my mum caught it and I acted like a boss. I ignored my glasses and protective shades at home and looked into her eyes a lot like the Optician that I am not. Please, do not be like me. Be wise!


  • Boost your immunity with Vitamins : There are so many affordable vitamin c supplements out there,ranging from 100mg to 1500mg. You can also indulge in fruits which are sources of vitamins C.  If you use a daily multivitamin, keep it up as your immunity is important. Eat well, supplementing with vitamins isn’t sufficient if you are eating lots of junks and processed foods that deplete your immune system.


  • Practise  good hygiene:  Wash your hands regularly, do not poke your hands into your eyes unnecessary. Wash your hands well before applying your contact lens. Ensure you always change your contact lens solution after every use. Do not share personal items like hand towels, tissues etc. Avoid rubbing your eyes and nose with your hands.


  • Be Proactive: If you suspect anything, get help immediately. I am very sure removing my contacts earlier would have reduced the severity of my symptoms and I am glad, I didn’t allow my contacts to stay longer.


  • Spread love all around :  This might sound odd, but I think any sick person needs love to get better. I could have been feeling all down and less receptive to the medications without the right attitude. I am not really the sympathetic Pharmacist out there, even though, I am still a work in progress. But, I am very sure,I would be more empathetic to patients visiting the pharmacy for Conjunctivitis complaint.


Hence, those are the lessons my Conjunctivitis outbreak taught me. For those that are wondering, Conjunctivitis or pink eye or red eye is the inflammation of  the conjunctiva of the eye. The conjunctiva is the thin clear tissue that lies over the white part of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelid. It can be caused by bacteria, virus or irritants like pollen,dusts etc. A more detailed simple article can be read here .

For now, I am stuck with wearing only my glasses for now and maybe resume wearing of contact lens next year or maybe for my next wedding event in December. Hahahaha.

I hope you enjoyed the post? Have you ever had Conjunctivitis,how was the experience and what treatment therapy did you use? Can you imagine someone advised my mum to tell me to dip my urine in my eyes as the holy grail treatment. Eeeewwwww!  Any other weird alternative treatment therapy,anyone? I would love to hear from you.

Like always, Please contact your healthcare provider if you suspect any abnormalities in your eye or body. So many diseases have similar symptoms and self-treatment might not help you. My articles are not the solutions for your problems without diagnosis. Kapish!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nedoux says:

    Hi Tosin,

    Ah! Apollo is the worst, people will tease you endlessly and avoid you like the plague. And it is so painfullllllll. 😀

    Lol @ “urine” ewwww. Your mummy is hilarious.

    Your well-written posts are always so engaging and packed full of juicy, relevant information. I enjoyed reading this article, thank you so much for sharing.


    1. As in ehn Nedoux, so true!! I was indoor throughout the healing process o. Thank God.
      Thank you Nedu, your comment means a lot. Thank you dear. I really appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kachee Tee says:

    Chloramphenicol!! Lol. That was prob the only eyedrop I grew up knowing. It was always in my house. Thank God you’re better now.
    ps: Didyou know subscribers get the entire post in their inbox. So it doesn’t show like an excerpt. You may need to tweak that if it’s not intentional.

    Have a great week babe! xx



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