5 #Fitfam African Women That Will Inspire You!

It is no news that #fitfam has become a trend nowadays. It is like one of the components of ‘Coolkids’ starter pack.  You know , the you can’t sit with us gang.

I personally think it is a good trend as exercising has plenty health benefits which cannot be overemphasized.

There have been some comments about people posting gym selfies, pictures of them in gym outfits just for the gram- like they spend 80% of their time in the gym on snapchat and instagram with only 20% actually working out. True or Nah? For me, even if you use just 5% of that gym time exercising, it is actually better and has a very huge effect on your health.

I come across  lazy  people interested in that quick fix in terms of weight loss. They ask if a particular tea or drug would help them loose weight without exercising and are often disappointed  by my response. I hope a few will actually stumble on this article and realize that,emulating one or more of these ladies’ lifestyles can be one huge step in achieving their weight and health goal.

So, here are five #fitfam ladies that make me want to get gym clothes and hop in.

These women are actually the ‘fitness bosses’ . They enrol people in fitness classes, prepare meal plans and help people achieve their goal in terms of weight loss .They all perform amazing jobs with so many testimonials singing their praise.

So in no particular order;

  1. Bunmi George, Founder of Shredder gangthatinternist fitfam  I stumbled on her page from her wedding hashtag #theblacks 2014. I wondered if her bridesmaids wore black because of the hashtag and no,her surname isn’t black but her husband is a fine black man.

 Fast forward to after graduation,my friend informs me of this lady she registered with because of the quest for a flat tummy and lo its Mrs George.

She is described as  a Weightloss Consultant and Fitness expert with a training from University of Toronto. This woman lost a whooping 55kg in a 14 month period! If this isn’t goals for you, then  you must obviously be beefing.

She customizes meal plans,provides healthy food alternatives  via the Shredder kitchen and  also contributes for The Guardian. She also recently launched her own line of Fitness Accessory Brand which includes The ShredderFit Waist Trimmer and  The ShredderFit Postpartum Belt. Check her out on instagram @shreddergang where she occasionally gives us some couple goals with Mr Black.

thatinternist fitfam1thatinternist fitfam2

2. Lola Komolafe aka Mrs fats thatinternist weightloss:

My first impression of these lady was from reading her story on Bellanaija (you can tell I love weddings) where I read that her ex dumped her, married someone a month after and died few months later. You can read the full gist on her blog here.

She describes herself as a Mealplan Genius,Fitness Enthusiast and Healthy foodie as she is the owner of Guilt Free Kitchen;a store that deals in an array of healthy food like granola, banana bread,Bulgar and Quinoa grains. She said she got to a point where she looked at herself in the mirror and decided to live a healthier person.

Mrs fats helped her husband lose over 40kg while they were dating after he saw her determination and success in keeping fit. Her instagram feed shows  her amazing workout routines often accompanying her son and she is a huge example that you can loose weight even after having a baby. Check out her post-baby body after five months below. You can also follow her on instagram @fitmrsfat .


thatinternist  weightloss2

3. Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo aka CoachEthatinternist    :

I cant recall the first time I stumbled on her page, but I have been seeing her a lot on the explore page on instagram-basically because I follow some of her friends like Funto that I mentioned in this post .

Reading her interview on Kacheetee’s blog gave me a great insight into her. You can check the interview here . I like the fact that she sees keeping fit as a purpose, she actually started loosing weight to be one  hot mum but the lord opened her eyes to more. Hence, for her it is like a ministry.

CoachE is a food and finess coach with an infectious personality, very very real and would most likely admit to her feasting on chocolates and ice creams rather than criticize one for not sticking to fitness meal plans. You can check her out on Instagram @Eziaha .

fit fam in lagoslose weight in Nigeria

4. Damola Ladejobi aka Coach Damz   :


Coach  Damz had to loose weight because of her health. She lost weight to reduce the symptoms of Gastroesophogeal reflux disease;a digestive disorder with symptoms of heart burn, regurgitation, bad breath, acidic tastes in the mouth etc.

She did a lot of researching and discovered healthy eating, hence earning her the description of a Personal Nutritionist, Weight loss Expert and Coach. She went from 106kg to about 70kg in 10months, without starvation and drinking of shakes, helping her reach her target body mass index (BMI). Can I hear someone scream Goals!!!

She is an avid supporter of healthy eating and being accountable to a group of amazing supporters aka Weightloss buddies.

 Did mention she is an amazing mother of two,yes she is! Check her out on Instagram @askdamz .


5. Rachael Okesola    fitfam and dance

I recently just stumbled on her page and I love her style of getting fit. It is so exciting. If you think working out is boring, then you have found ‘THE’ one.

She is the creator of Afrifitness and aims to inspire and teach people to adopt a healthier lifestyle that will change lives forever. Her training style includes Healthy meal plans, dance and  Resistance training  as you dance along to African music. Yes, you see why I like her style. You get to feel like one hot stepper while you work out and it not only helps you burn calories but teach you new steps. She also creates Coaching Videos on you tube which you can subscribe to.

She recently relocated to Lagos, so we should be looking forward to more Afrobeats Dance workout classes from her. You can check her on instagram @afrifitness

fitfam dance coachhealthdance coach

 There you have it. Five amazing women that inspire.

This post was initially  for ten women, with the other five women consisting of people I have stalked  watched and seen their goals come to life. Most of them haven’t necessarily reached these goals but are all still work in progress.Would you love to know the remaining five on my list ? Do drop your comments below.

Is there also a limit to loosing weight? Someone told me that my head was getting smaller than my body while another said my head was bigger. Hence I should not loose any more flesh. Please share your thoughts.

Are there other fitness coaches out there that wasn’t mentioned with an amazing routine , it doesn’t have to be a woman. Please let us know in the comment below.

I hope this post inspires someone to be healthy or keep being healthy.  I hope one or more of them inspires you to be more health- conscious. It begins with following on instagram where you can get inspiration and graduate to enrolling for their coaching services. Remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and as you behold,you become changed.

If you like this post, please share it on  facebook and/or twitter via their icons below. Please drop a comment also, I’d love to hear from you.


N.B: photo credit: Instagram




11 Comments Add yours

  1. deb ada says:

    Wonderful post. I follow 4 of 5 of the above mentioned and would follow the 5th(afrifitness)right now.
    Another fitness coach I love is healthy_everyday_living. Her meal plans and exercises rock and her tailored to the client’s specific goals, age, workload etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Deb. Now going to check healthy_everyday_living . I am glad you enjoyed the post.


  2. I’m so happy I found this post. I love your style of writing and felt so good reading about all these amazing ladies! Yay for my fellow Naija fitness women killing it 💪🏾 and LOL @ the person that said your head is getting smaller. Nigerians sha hahaha too funny!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww, I am very happy you found the post. Thank you for the compliment. As in ehn, Loool.
      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment


  3. Nedoux says:

    Wow! I am so inspired to be more deliberate about staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    I already know about 2 of them, I’m happy to know about the other 3.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome dear Nedoux. I am glad you are inspired. Thanks dear


  4. livelytwist says:

    Informative and inspiring. I’m glad to know people are taking fitness seriously.


    1. Thank you. Really glad too. Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Kachee Tee says:

    Been meaning to read this post! I know 1 -4. Like they inspire me so much. Def checking out 5. The more I see fit people on my timeline, hopefully, the more I’ll be inspired to work out! And yes, fitness is def becoming the in-thing, and I just had to get my own fitness watch to join the cool kids. Loool! Loved this post Tosin!!



    1. Thank you Kachee. I am glad you loved the post. Your fitness watch gave me a post inspiration when I saw it on instagram(let’s see how it goes though) . But, I have been lowkey eyeing you and your healthy eating lifestyle, maybe I should relocate too 😂 lol.You are already a cool kid, no struggle. Thanks for stopping by dear.


  6. Greta Lamfel says:

    Hi there 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful content with the World.
    I enjoyed this part of your post “I hope this post inspires someone to be healthy or keep being healthy. I hope one or more of them inspires you to be more health- conscious. ”
    I am a healthy living blogger and hoping we can connect?

    Visit my blog – http://www.healthyliving894.com



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