Hello darling, how have you been lately? I attended ifunto’s becoming conference  last Saturday and it was amazing,even beyond amazing. The speakers were onpoint,everyone of them spoke about their becoming stories and one of the common truth they all spoke was knowing Jesus! Like seriously, how do people cope without Jesus,really? 

I am excited my now is great,how much more my future!! Shoutout to Nneka of purposeandpoise blog and Aneetar all the way from Portharcourt for making my day most memorable 😙😙😙. Should I do a lessons I learnt from becoming conference? You be the judge.

Ermm okay before  I get carried away blabbing about becoming,let me focus . Today’s post is a review on the ranges from Reelfruit brand. 

The first time I came across Reelfruit was at a Pharmacy and  I really wasn’t so much interested until I eventually  started working at my place of work and saw people’s hustle  to buy reel fruit. People were always asking us how soon we would get new supplies anytime we were out of stock and while they were in stock, customers wouldnt hesitate to take about three to six packs of reelfruits, mehn I had to try them. Yes, I must feel among nah *sideeye😑

COMPANY’S CLAIM: Reelfruit is drief from perfectly ripe topical fruit to give you health on the go. It has no added sugar,fats and preservatives. It is a source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Also healthy and delicious.


I have tasted all the four snack options they have at the moment and I must say their claims are onpoint for me.  They are fruits which are great for our health,so why not. In order of my preference, here are my thoughts :

Dried Mango

This dried mango is my least favourite, most probably because I am not a huge fan of mango itself. I could taste mango in it which indeed is the essence. I once gave my brother and a friend but they weren’t fans also. But I have some colleagues at work who are always hustling for the dried mango whenever we get new supplies. Maybe its just my people though. Let me know your thoughts if you have tasted it below.


I also do not like Cashew but this one is different. The first time I tried  this, I was very hungry at work and literally begged from my colleague that was eating it. Immediately I tasted it, it was as if the scales fell off my eyes. What!!I have been missing. The fact that it is lightly salted crowns it all,as in makes the difference. For a non- cashew lover, this is a win. The first time my brother tasted this,he kept on saying nice and asked for an extra one after he was done with his.Who else can testify? 


Their fruit and nut mix is absolutely delicious, its a combination of dried mango, coconut,banana and cashew. Words fail me, you guys should try this and if you don’t like it ask me for a refund 😑. I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t love this. The struggle for this particular one when we get fresh supplies at work should be recorded live. The taste of the combination is amazing.  That’s all I can say. Who else loves this?


This is my ultimate favourite and I don care what anybody says. Yass! It could be as a result of the fact that Pineapple is one of my favourite fruits or because it is the sweetest of the bunch. It never fails me,in taste,size nor quality.The taste from when it enters my mouth,oh my Driedpineapple for  President!! #lebest.


  For me, the reel fruit brand is an amazing one,it is the first of a kind I have seen and tasted in Nigeria. From its beautiful package to the quality  and taste,it’s  perfect. I would rate it a 9 out of 10.

Why not Ten you might ask? Well,because it’s  not yet available everywhere and at times we wait like forever before getting new supplies, but am sure the company is working on that. Also it can be a tad too  sweet for Diabetics(except  they stick to just the dried cashew and maybe the fruit n mix)

Imagine having this in all supermarkets and even inside Traffic (errm Gov. Ambode eez just a joke please😂) the world will be an healthy one.

Do you know any Nigerian brand making dried fruits? Please drop a comment.


I bought the dried cashew and fruit ‘n’ mix for  N190 each while the Dried Pineapple and Mango for N500.

There is also a smaller size of the Dried Pineapple and Mango for about N280.

Where to buy?

I get mine form Medplus and Healthplus Pharmacy, I am also aware it is also  available on Konga. For more information check here.


I bought the dried cashew and fruit n mic for  N190 each while the Dried Pineapple and Mango for N500.

There is a smaller size of the Dried Pineapple and Mango for about N280.

Fun fact: Do you know that the owner is a lady #GirlPower and Nigerian? Oh well, check her out and fall in love like I did here.

Thank you for sticking with me till the end. My words can’t  explain the awesomeness of this brand. Let me know your thoughts if you are a fan or not. Drop a comment below. 

Follow  us on Facebook below,you never can tell, you might just get some reelfruit yummies delivered to you for free;).

See you soon.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Original Famzer says:

    Ok boo. I’m surprised you haven’t given me this thing to taste sha. Anyway, I read your blog and you’re doing well. #famzing


    1. Thank you my original famzer😂😂. I owe you already


  2. Nedoux says:


    I eat Reel Fruit snacks A LOT, I’m a major fan of the brand. My mum loves the dried mango. My favorite of the lot is the cashew nuts.

    Healthy, tasty and affordable, what’s not to love about it?! 😀


    1. Hello Nedoux,
      Glad to know we are both major fans. Indeed its healthy,tasty and affordable!!!
      Thank you dear for stopping by and dropping a comment. much love

      Liked by 1 person

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